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Multiple women who came forward at great personal risk to accuse Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore of molesting or pursuing them as teenagers found themselves the brunt of politicized attacks — from Moore, from the public, and even from the president of the United States.Yet despite Moore's claims that his women accusers are all "liars," more evidence has just emerged confirming that Roy Moore had relationships with teenage girls while he was an adult in his 30s.By 1995, she was singing the theme song for "Pocahontas", so it’s pretty clear who came out on top here. Penthouse In 1983, Williams was on top of the world as the first black Miss America.But her life came crumbling down the following year when softcore magazine Penthouse announced ... David Gilmour At the tail end of the year, bassist Roger Waters announced he was leaving the legendary rock group.Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore was interrupted by a heckler Wednesday night as he defended himself once again at a south Alabama church against allegations of sexual misconduct. 30) "I had an interesting day today," Jimmy Kimmel told his ABC late-night show audience on Thursday. " Byrd called out as he was removed from the church by security.

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The ladies always saved face in the press though, with Jackie telling the "Los Angeles Times" they’re “perfectly good friends.” Sure. Jackie Collins "Dynasty" soap star Joan Collins and her salacious novelist sister Jackie Collins were known for their sibling rivalry. Tyson was fined million and had his boxing license revoked. Mike Tyson You gotta do what it takes to win, and if you’re Mike Tyson, that means sinking your teeth into some human flesh. But on the whole personal level, I’m not really feeling it. Shaquille O’Neal One of the biggest sports feuds of all time wasn’t between rival teams — it was a power struggle between two giants on the Lakers.It reportedly came to a head when Joan stepped on ... Sean Young Now known for his bizarre, anti-LGBTQ tweets, James Woods was once embroiled in an even more bizarre battle with his "The Woods" co-star, Sean Young. Princess Diana The People’s Princess and her husband, Prince Charles, had separated way back in 1992, and the dissolution of the royal couple’s marriage was a source of endless fascination. After Tupac was shot in Manhattan, Biggie released the track “Who Shot Ya? He responded in turn with multiple disses of his own, heating up a coastal rap war. I just don’t like her as a person.” He took two more shots at her on his album "The Eminem Show" that year, including implying that she flew her private jet to meet him twice, “trying to be [his] new wife.” Mariah denied dating him — “I think I was probably with him a total of four times” — and the two have traded barbs ever since. Mariah Carey In 2001, the rapper met with Carey to talk about laying down a track together and that somehow turned into dating for a bit — at least according to him. The teammates regularly crapped all over each other in the press, with O’Neal calling the Lakers “my team,” and Bryant responding by calling him “child-like,” “jealous,” and “fat.” It got so bad that Coach Phil Jackson called a team meeting to attempt to work things out.The two allegedly had an affair while filming the movie but after Woods dumped her to go back to his fiancée, Young reportedly went "Fatal Attraction" on his ass. As it turned out, Harding’s ex-husband had hired help to break Kerrigan’s leg so rival Tonya could skate her way to victory at the Olympics six weeks later. In 1994, Charles admitted to cheating on her with Camila Parker Bowles, and the following year, Princess Di finally sat down for her first solo interview. Of course, this epic feud came to an end in September of ’96, when Tupac was shot and killed in a drive-by. "We haven't had a really good example here of maturity,” he told the Associated Press. Hilary Duff Aaron Carter: lover of candy, but also of Disney starlets.Tensions had risen with Gilmour while working on their album "The Final Cut," and, well, Waters was no longer feeling “comfortably numb.” The next year, Waters took the guitarist, Gilmour, as well as drummer, Nick Mason, to court to stop them from performing as Pink Floyd without him.They eventually made up and Waters has since admitted to regretting the legal battle. David Gilmour At the tail end of the year, bassist Roger Waters announced he was leaving the legendary rock group.

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